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September 03 2017

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Snowflake vs the robotic spider. [video]

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(via Sjx27)

September 02 2017

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Otis likes wine. [video]

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“Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.” (via Jonathan88)

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does anyone have more pictures of dogs making this face? i need to start a collection

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Squirrel season. (by Huffy Penguin)

September 01 2017

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To everyone hurting, and everyone helping.

Click for ways you can help people during Hurricane Harvey & the flooding in South Asia  

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(via jbillinson)

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Every office should have an office dog. (via ebbp)

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all was well.

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The joke of adulthood is being able to afford all the games you always wanted as a kid but no longer have the time to play.

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