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April 26 2017

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The latest in home security technology.

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AAAAAA (via potatoboy)

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Based on this tweet by BoogTweets!

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H-h-honk honk hooonk!

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This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. (via inteezwetrust / 1td)

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John Boyega surprises Star Wars fans. [full video]

April 25 2017

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Same. (via jamehhhhhhh)

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Milk dog meets golden dog. [full video]

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It’s just this and a box of wine. (via espel1ej)

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Rosie was a little too excited for a beach day. [video]

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Nailed it. (via Claybotron)

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This could have gone much worse. (via HecksNawBro)

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The perfect date.

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168. One of those days.

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