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June 29 2017

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Classic Ricky. (by Heck If I Know)

June 27 2017

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Lately I’ve just been using every made up holiday that’s trending on Twitter as an excuse to do a comic :D Happy #NationalSunglassesDay everyone! But seriously, be kind to your eyes. Keep those things covered. 

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Therapy dog

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Cheetah’s best friend. (via ImACultHero)

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The birth of a supervillain. [video]

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We really do have some weird moons in our solar system!

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Everyone needs a hobby. (via qwertyelff)

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This man knows how to live. (via skyler_nitschke)

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No, thank YOU. (via jk_rowling)

June 26 2017

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A bird’s nest in a tree. (via finnster)

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He never texts back. (via eden_bloor)

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Same. (via kpfeffss)

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The similarities between Tony Stark and Stephen Strange

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(via karibusta)

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