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August 06 2017

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July 06 2017

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This is impressively accurate. (via sunbolts)

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News anchor says “f**k it” after technical difficulty. [full video]

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This needs a patent, asap. (via _HelloLolo)

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Me when someone enters my room uninvited

July 05 2017

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Ted wasn’t much of a soldier

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Rifle target surprise. [Full video]

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me too, dying star

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He is not a happy camper. (via kentkirk)

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Collab with my friends at Sorrow-scopes. Follow them on Twitter for more predestined sadness.

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me. i’m the baby ;(

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Dog parenting done right. (via realgirldiet)

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Based on this tweet by Fred_Delicious!

Webtoon | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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playing with new programs

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